Dashboard filtering by Disaggregation Categories

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to filter a dashboard by disaggregation categories but it seems that this is not supported given that these categories don’t show up in the Add Filter dropdown list, can someone confirm that this is indeed not possible? And if so, any known workaround that people would like to share? I’m using versions 2.35 and 2.36.


Hi @Ahmad!

Have you tried creating “Category Option Group Sets” using your Category option groups?


Not to include disaggregation categories for dashboard filters was a conscious decision at the time. In a typical dashboard, there would be data elements (in visualizations) with very different categories, and adding a filter for a particular category would lead to no data being returned for those data elements/visualizations, leading to blank visualizations and confusion.

A work-around could be to create a category option group set and groups for the required category options.


Hi @Lars and @YuryR,

Thank you for the prompt response. I tried Category Option Group Sets before and it didn’t work but from your responses it seems that’s the way to go, so I will give it another try. I’ve also realized that Disaggregation Category Option Group Sets show up in the filters, in my previous testing I set them to Attribute.



Hey @avazirna,
May I ask you if you were able to solve this? Thank you!

Hi @Gassim,

Yes I was, Disaggregation Category Option Group Sets did the trick, with the caveat that if you have, in the same dashboard, visualizations that don’t correlate with the Category options they will show up blank, as Lars pointed out.


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i’ve created category group sets and it shows up in the filter dashboard, but when adding a filter with it, it returns no data

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Thankyou for your patience! Could you write the steps to reproduce this on any of the play.dhis2.org instances? Do you see an error in the Network log when you add the filter - please share a screenshot as well?