Dashboard filter dimensions

Hi everyone, I want to filter by age group on my dashboards. Age Group is current one of my Category and I have checked the data dimension checkbox when creating it. But it doesn’t appear under ''Your Dimensions" on dashboard filters. Anyone knows how to add these dimension to dashboard filters.


Hi @1c699b409a68f19fba95

Please check the sharing settings of the metadata in the Maintenance app. Does you user have access?


Which metadata? The Categories?

Hi @1c699b409a68f19fba95. I recreated the issue here and mine works. Try using the ‘Attribute’ Data dimension type and see if it works.



Hi Temi, Thank you. I created a test category and it shows on the filters when using the attribute. However, I want to use the current category and it is a Disaggregation and can’t be edited and using the new category with the attribute value on data dimension will me a lot of work because I have applied the category on many charts and calculations

Hi @1c699b409a68f19fba95. Unfortunately, you can only see attribute categories on the dashboard. But disaggregation categories also show up on the data visualizer or pivot table application.

Since you already have disaggregation categories on your charts, why do you need them on the dashboard? You can simply just apply the disaggregation dimension to your charts, and then visualize them on your dashboard.

What do you think?