Dashboard does not reflect the data visualizer when updating monthly data entry

When I am adding the monthly data update for example April data, it does not reflect the updated data in the dashboard page though I have run the analytics table after the data is uploaded

, please refer to the screenshot

Hi @Manaf_Aladomi

I’m wondering if you cleared the browser cache? Please check out the dashboard again by logging in using the Guest mode of your browser so we are 100% sure that it’s not a cache issue (Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help).

Thank you!

Thanks Gassim, but will be using guest mode all along the way, or just temporary and then I can login using my google account?

Dear Gassim,

Thanks for your assistance now it worked even with my google account.

Hi @Manaf_Aladomi

The Guest mode doesn’t require access to the Google account, but the point is that it appears the issue you were facing was a Browser Cache issue. Glad to know that you have resolved it. :clap: