Dashboard Console Error & Data Entry Beta 2 empty

Dear Experts,

I hope this message finds you well, in the dashboard console there is an error what will be the solution ?

I open Data Entry Beta in dhis2 version it shows blank and in the console there is an error as shown in the snapshot.

With Best Regards
Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

Hi @mohammadayub864 .

For the data entry app, please confirm that you’re running the latest version of the app 100.2.4 (update if needed using the app management app).

Once you have the latest version, you can try to troubleshoot the errors. The data entry app error you are getting is related to service worker registration. You need a secure context for these to register, but you should be able to set this in chrome. See this stack overflow post and particularly look at the instructions in the second answer.

That fix should help with both of those issues. If you were running on a production instance (https) or against localhost, you shouldn’t encounter them.

Let us know how it goes.

Dear @tzemp,

Thank you so much, Updated the Data Entry Beta worked , I have a custom form designed Can I use filter there ?

The stack overflow , solution is only for specific pc is there any solution that I use in server for all users not shown this issue in console.

Thank yon

With Best Regards
Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

Hi @mohammadayub864 ,

From your IP address, it looks like your instance is running on a private network. Is that the IP address users will normally be logging in to?

As for the data entry app, custom forms do not load with filters, so you would need to use a section form or default form if you wanted that functionality out of the box.

Thank you @tzemp , for now I am using Private IP Address later Public IP Address.
I used Category Options and need that custom design not Section form.

Thank you
Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

Thanks @mohammadayub864: if you move to a public IP address, I don’t think you should have the issue you encountered with the secure context. There may be a server-side solution for the issue with a private IP address, but we would need to consider the security tradeoffs to those before making a recommendation. It would be helpful if you could provide a bit more detail as to why you’re using a private IP address for the time being (e.g. are you testing DHIS2 out on a test instance, or is this a production instance)?

As for the filter option on custom forms, this unfortunately is not currently available, but we are looking in how to improve custom form functionality, so it useful to get this kind of feedback, and I can forward it on to our design team (FYI: @Karoline @kimberly)

Thanks @tzemp! And thanks to you @mohammadayub864!

@mohammadayub864 would you like to create a feature request for the filter option on custom forms on Projects - Jira?


Dear @Gassim,

Thank you for Information, if DHIS2 Team provide filter facilities in Custom Form. it will be best.

With Best Regards
Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan