Dashboard android app?

Hi all,
If visualizations are showing up fine on the web browser but are not showing up at all in the DHIS2 dashboard app (charts, maps, and tables all failing), any suggestions? The titles show up but not the data.


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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels ,

@Pablo and @Marta would be the best to help answer this.


Hi @Natalie_Tibbels,

unfortunately the dashboard app is not rendering well all analytic objects. Since this app belongs to set of old apps, we maintain it by fixing bugs, but don’t extend the functionality.

You can check the documentation here to see what is expected to work.

We will eventually work on a new App to replace this one, but for now our main priority is to stabilize the current Android Capture App.

I am sorry I don’t have a better answer!

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Hello @Natalie_Tibbels
Not sure which DHIS version you are working with, but you may want to check out the DHIS Touch App developed by HISP-Tanzania. It seems to be more frequently updated than the generic DHIS2 dashboard Android app, so it’s better at rendering newer types of analytic objects.


Thank you @marta for the update and for all your work on the apps. I know it’s a lot!

And thank you @brian for directing me to the DHIS2 Touch app (and thanks HISP Tanzania!). Viewing dashboards on mobile devices is absolutely critical and urgent for our program, and I’ve spent a ton of time looking at other android apps for data visualization that might integrate well with DHIS 2. But this would be even better. I logged into my instance on the app and the dashboards look good, and it’s cool that data collection happens in the same place.

Are others using the DHIS2 Touch app for data collection and/or dashboards? Anything we should know?

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Hi Natalie,

If I understand it correctly, the core problem here is that DHIS2 has two ways of serving up charts (see DHIS2-2437):

  1. An old server-side engine, which builds chart images on the server and sends them (fully-formed) to the browser or Android app;

  2. A new client-side engine, where just report definitions are sent from the server, and the browser then builds the actual chart images.

The DHIS2 dev team have stopped supporting the older engine (option 1), but it’s still used by both the DHIS2 Dashboard app and the Push Analytics feature - the result is that users will often see very different charts (or, as in your case, nothing at all) when using Android or Push Analytics.

I’d be very interested to know if the HISP Tanzania team have successfully implemented the new client-side analytics rendering in DHIS2 Touch (in which case charts should render beautifully), or whether DHIS2 Touch still uses the older client-side images (in which case it will experience the same bugs/issues as the old Android Dashboard app you’ve been testing).

Is anyone from HISP Tanzania able to share where you landed with this? (Or to correct my explanation above, if it’s out-of-date!)

Cheers, Sam.


Thanks soooo much for the explanation @SamuelJohnson ! I’d also be interested to hear more about others’ experience with the app or from the HT team.

The charts and tables look beautiful in the DHIS2 Touch app. Maps are not coming through.

On another note, for both apps, something is off in my permissions - when I log in as the admin, the charts show up, but when I log in with a more restricted user role, I cannot see charts - even though I believe I have given all the necessary permissions to see the visualizations. If anyone has tips on what I might be missing, I’d be grateful.

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Hi Natalie,

in case it is useful for your setting, one real advantage of this set of apps is that they work as well for iOS. I am tagging here @ismail from HISP Tanzania, I think he can probably answer your questions better.


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Thank you!

Just to resolve the dashboard view issue, I had not assigned “event analytics” to the user, which was preventing them from seeing many of the visualizations. In case others run into this problem.

Having glitches with tracker capture in the DHIS2 Touch app, but working great for data capture and data visualization so far.


Hello Samuel,
Just to weigh in on the matter, yes we’re using client side analytics rendering, so the charts, tables and maps should appear beautifully in any device, both android and iOS.

As for the web-portal, we’re also using client side rendering, but placed in the server side to produce beautifully looking dashboards.
The most recent version of interactive web portal, is used here:

And it’s printer friendly, you can print pdf out of it as well.
If you’re interested in the generic version of the app you can download it in the appstore. https://play.dhis2.org/appstore/app/J9yml33NsRL

For DHIS2 Touch, just search “DHIS2 Touch” on both Android play store and apple appstore. If you have know issues, kindly register them here: https://github.com/hisptz/hisptz-touch

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Hi @John_Francis_Mukulu, many thanks for this update. It’s great to hear that the new client-side analytics framework has been implemented in DHIS2 Touch - I’ll definitely look at using this app in some of our projects. :slight_smile:

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