Dasboard, Tables and Charts not updating

Dear all,
I’ve created some tables and charts, added them to my dashboard. None is being updated automatically. Previously i was going to the event reports app and update manually but that also is not working even after running analytics on several occasions.

I’m using DHIS2 2.31.5 build revision 78d5868

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Dear Kiwalya
A short question . Which periods have you selected for your charts, tables? Are the periods ‘relative periods’?
If no, open your charts and tables and select relative periods for them such as ‘Last 4 Quarter’.
Good Luck

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Thank you @LutfullahShifaa for your prompt response. I had selected relative periods and just tried fixed but no change.

Thanks again

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Dear Herbert have you cleared your cache before running it?

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Yes @nsengiyumva i cleared the application cache as well as browser cache

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Hi @herbert_kiwalya this is fairly unusual and has not been reported as a 2.31.5 bug yet. There could be many reasons. Most are basic, but we have to rule them out 1by1. First you have the periods to relative, second cleared cache, third you’re certain that there is new data meaning you can see it in the data entry, and fourth you have your analytics tables not set to skip anything. After that things get a bit more complicated and we need to isolate where the problem may be. Can you see the updated analytics in the data visualizer or event reports apps when you select a relative period? If no then it is most likely an error with the analytics tables running. If yes then it may be a dashboard issue. If it’s a dashboard issues is it on all dashboards or just one?

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Hello @Scott,

I am facing something very similar but in a DHIS2 2.32.2 implementation. I have imported bulk data values for various org units into the instance and confirmed that they are on the system, but after running analytics the data is not displaying for most org units in any of the Analytic tools pivot table or data visualizer.
Following the steps of reasons that you’ve pointed out, I have checked to confirm that my charts are using relative periods, I have cleared my browser cache, I have done a data value download via the APIs to confirm that there is data for those particular data sets. My analytics tables are set to not skip anything and the values still don’t display on the data visualizer.

Hi @dqve, sorry to hear that you’re also experiencing this issue. It is also not something that has been reported for, and I am not able to reproduce it with our 2.32.2 build

Are you able to look at your server logs while your analytics tables are running to see any errors? Also, are you able to see the data in a data set in the data entry application?

Hello @Scott ,

Thank you for your quick response, I and the rest of my team were troubleshooting the analytics process. we only discovered one error:

 `WARN  2020-02-12 09:33:44,276 Ignoring category combo, not valid: {"class":"class org.hisp.dhis.category.CategoryCombo", "id":"60029", "uid":"pporHKNSsBq", "code":"null", "name":"Age vs Gender (CCMHP)", "crea$`

no other errors were discovered during the analytics process.
I am able to see the data values on the Data set.