DAC 2022: Tracker for Clinical Use and Supervision

Tracker is often used at the point of care in locations which have never had a digitized tool before. The global digital health community is developing norms and recommendations to guide the adoption and implementation of individual level systems in these environments. This session will look at Tracker in relation to WHOs Digital Adaption Kit for ANC, as guidance from the USAID CHISU project for supportive supervision, and for TB/HIV monitoring in Haiti.


The two slides that Mike shows early on in this session (EMRs vs Trackers) are part of a presentation on “Navigating the Health Information Systems Landscape” produced by the GFF. This is designed to be an introductory webinar for non-experts, but we’d be grateful for feedback from experts on the material we’ve produced so far - particularly on tricky things like defining "what is a tracker”. :wink:

The webinar is available in English at https://gffklportal.org/learning/making-sense-of-the-health-information-system-landscape/ and in French at https://gffklportal.org/fr/learning/making-sense-of-the-health-information-system-landscape/


C’est possible d’avoir un acces demos de la version Tracker ANC/DAK

Q’ for tb presentation: what are the challenges related to politics and in country security?

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Thank you for these wonderful presentations. We learn lots of things.

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