Customize the Reports app


I want to customize Reports app to prepare customized reports based on data capture in different program stages. I searched documentation and YouTube to know steps how to customiz this apps but could not get required guidance.

Can someone please share the link of stepwise documents or YouTube link so that I could learn and customize the Reports App?


Hi @Pradeep welcome back!

May I request more explanation for the use case as it is actually possible to create a custom reports in the reports app:

It’s not recommended to customize core apps independently from the core because in the long run it could create a barrier to updates. You can create a feature request if you believe there’s something missing in the app and you could create pull requests. Either way, if you’d like to learn more about creating apps in dhis2, I believe you will enjoy the DHIS2 Web App Development Academy 2022: DHIS2 App Development Academy 2022 Joint session day 1 part 1 - YouTube


Hi @Gassim,

Thank you very much for sharing the gudiances. I would prefer to creating apps in dhis2. Let me go through the academy link and will back here during the course of development if needed.


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Sure, thanks! Good luck with your app. Definitely post back to the community if you face any issue or have a questions.