Customize the display of data in Event Report App

Hello everyone,

When I use the event report app through a test user, all data for all organization unit and all programs show !!
although this user has permission for just one program and just one organization unit. This violates privacy.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Hi @Omar_Torun,

Welcome to the community! :tada::tada:

Please what is the version of the DHIS2 instance that you are using? Did you try to use the Browser Cache cleaner app as well as the Data Administration app to clear the cache? Please make sure that this user has the right permissions for both the Data capture as well as the Data output tables.

After trying the apps above please take a screenshot of the following:

  1. [instanceURL]/api/users/[userID]/fields=organisationUnits,dataViewOrganisationUnits

While using the test user account go to:
2. [instanceURL]/api/organisationUnits/

  1. In the Users app the assigned org units must be the same as the ones in 1 & 2.

If 3 is correct and you still see all the organization units even after clearing the cache then this is a bug which means it can be reported on for the core developers to reproduce it and solve the issue.

Thank you!