Custom reporting rate

Hi all,

We have a weekly Mobile Brigade Aggregate date entry form assigned to nine (9) localities in the DHIS 2. In a month four mobile brigades are conducted and the data must be entered at 4 of nine localities. How can we create a formula to consider only four of nine localities so that we have a correct reporting rate.

NB: We can not assign the form from any of the localities because we do not know in advance where the Mobile Brigade will take place. The reporting rate now considers all 9 localities where the form is assigned.


Hi @fernando

It’s not possible to create a custom reporting rate. By default the reporting rate will count the data sets assigned to each OU; however, it might be possible to make a calculation/visualization using the Data Visualizer app.

I see that you don’t know which OUs are going to be but do you know beforehand which month this is going to be? If so then would it be possible to limit the period of these datasets to exclude this month and create a custom dataset specifically for this month. Additionally, since you don’t know which OUs it is going to be, how about assigning it to the parent OU and include four sections for each OU? This way you can run a reporting rate for all the months except this month, and be able to run a reporting rate specifically for this situation.

If the above suggestions don’t work then maybe if we discuss the use case more, we would be able to find a preferred solution.