Custom log4j2 configuration missing from docs

I would like to override the hourly log rotation for dhis-audit.log in 2.37.

On Audit - DHIS2 Documentation there is mention of examples of advanced custom logging configurations, but the link just takes you back to the same page and there are no examples present:

An example of custom log4j2 configuration can be found [here](Audit - DHIS2 Documentation): it shows how to configure DHIS2 to save all logs into an external storage location, rotate them on a weekly basis and retain them for 30 days. Please read the application logging section on how to use it.

Would it be possible to add the examples to the doc and/or post them in response to this message?

Thank you for the post @mhelbing and for pointing out the missing link. I’ve created an issue about it in the Documentation repository (issue: log4j2 example link broken/missing "[here]()" · Issue #1201 · dhis2/dhis2-docs · GitHub)

I think there are examples that are helpful for configuration here: system administration - log-configuration

I hope this helps! :+1: