Custom forms

I am designing a custom form for my data set but because has many data elements i want to design one custom form but divided into 3 sections (economic,social,political) so that when a user want to enter data he/she could choose a section he/she wants.

Is the a way that i can do this ? any support or suggestion am open to hear.

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Hi @mugisha_alain

Yes, it is possible to create section within the form.
To create a section, click on the three dots in the right corner of the form, then select “Manage Section” option.
This is where we can create and manage various sections of the form.

Below is the visual representation of sections within the form.



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so after creating section how do i represent them in custom form design editor so that i can continue designing and how do i also represent them in data entry app so that users can choose the section they want.

what am saying is this

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Hello @mugisha_alain
Another way of doing it, is to create custom sections . Go to HTML Layout Elements and Techniques site and see, copy and expand good sections/layouts and use them.

@mugisha_alain you can use JQuary Tabs and HTML & CSS.