Custom Boundary on date dataelement

I need to write a Program indicator that use a custom boundary. This boundary use a date data element.
for example (I would like to count all the events that occurred within the custom boundary period).
I put as in the image:

When i running my indicator i get this error: invalid input syntax for type timestamp

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Hi @simone !

It looks like youve attempted to use custom analytics period boundaries with a data element of type DATETIME, which is causing the error. This reproduces on 2.35.1 play as well and appears to be a bug, could you please open a ticket on JIRA?

As a solution, you could try a period indicator with no analytics period boundaries, but use event type and event count expression, with this filter:
d2:daysBetween(V{analytics_period_start}, #{uvMKOn1oWvd.tz1T2EbIOWq})>=0 && d2:daysBetween(#{uvMKOn1oWvd.tz1T2EbIOWq}, V{analytics_period_end})>=0
where #{uvMKOn1oWvd.tz1T2EbIOWq} is your DATETIME data element.

For reproducible example: I downloaded the metadata for this test from:
If you import the metadata file below back into the system, add a value for “datetime” data element (in program Malaria Focus Investigation, Stage Foci response), then run analytics, you should be able to see a value at this link.

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Hi Brian,

Many thanks, this is a fantastically useful workaround. My problem is different (Event Reports line listings don’t appear to be honouring the analytics period boundaries, so I’m getting different results from pivot tables vs Event Reports line listings!), but this workaround has resolved it beautifully, and both are now generating the same figures.

Cheers, Sam.

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