CSV OrgUnit Import DHIS2 - 2.33.2: Invalid format: "OpeningDate"

On DHIS2 version version 2.33.2. I am facing a challenge on importing an Organisation Units (CSV format) . The error received is “Invalid format: “OpeningDate”. The date format assigned on my CSV is yyyy-mm-dd (i.e. 2017-04-06).

The file columns are:-
name,uid,code,Parentuid,Shortname,Description,OpeningDate,ClosedDate,Comment,Feature type,Coordinates

Hi Seleman,
How do you know the structure format of the csv file to import org. units and data elements.

Hi Shaddy,

The structure is the one that i shared above. If you want to use CSV, arrange data in Excel into the format below. And then save it as CSV coma delimited. You can import to DHIS2 by using Export/Import functionality

Organisation Units
name| uid |code | Parentuid | Shortname | Description| OpeningDate| ClosedDate| Comment|Feature typeCoordinates

For example, the minimum you can have is the following
“West province”,“WESTP”,“ImspTQPwCqd”
“East province”,“EASTP”,“ImspTQPwCqd”

For Data element , use a minimum standard below

Let me know if you find any complication

Hi Seleman,
Thank you it worked fine, the error of invalid “openingDate” faced me and what I did to resolve that I opened the CSV file with notepad++ and modified the date format.
CSV removes the custom format after you save the file, so open with notepad++ and modifying the date worked for me.

Hi @sele,

I see you already posted this on JIRA - thank you so much!

Just posting the issue here for transparency and follow-up as well:

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