CSV import of metadata (documentation needs update?)

I am trying to update data-elements as described in the this (developer) documentation
Edit: This is the first/best hit when I google dhis2 import metadata, but it is an old version. The 2.40 version has corresponding wording.

There is no description nor mention of the aggregation levels (nor legend) fields. Probably because the attributes are sets? I assume JSON format is needed here, but csv would be nice. Maybe point to the JSON section?

Also I suspect that the sentence “You can also skip columns which you do not use which appear to the right of the ones” should be “You need to include all columns in correct order up to the last one you use - even if they are flagged as not required in the table above”.

I have found documentation for the import export app - but it seems to assume that the data are made by a DHIS2 system - and maybe a pointer to format info could be nice here as well?

I will find a way, I just thought this could help someone later :smiley:

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Hi @gutorm : thanks for the suggestions with respect to documentation.

Yes. There are limits to what we support in terms of CSV imports and you may need to use JSON. The JSON section does not actually enumerate the properties that are editable as they vary by object type. You can, however, look at the schema definition of an object (e.g. DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone), or you can use the maintenance app and then inspect the payload (in network tabs) when updating/creating an object.

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