Cross Referral - availing services freely from anywhere

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In our context, a patient/service receiver has a right to avail services freely from anywhere at any point. So in MCH tracking, a mother was registered in facility A and received ANC1. For ANC2 she went to facility B to avail, facility B can search and see her profile but not able to see the event stages whereby health worker cannot provide the service and update in the system.

Attached pic for more clarity

Facility A registered and see all events and details

In Facility B, the health worker cannot see details as per fig below

Kindly help us, your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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Build revision:


Build date:

2019-02-26 02:20

Jasper reports version:


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(Herbert Kiwalya) #4

Look out for the sharing settings for that specific MCH tracker program. You should share it with facility B and should be able to edit and view.

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(Sangay Tenzin) #5

Hello Herbert,
Thanks for your advice, would be grateful if you could show me in visual form (screen shot) since i didn’t it. Thank you

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Thank you for taking pain in making in visual form, thank you so much. The config you shared was already set up, however, after resetting the config it is giving the same issue.

Our config


User role authority

Would be glad to hear again

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(Herbert Kiwalya) #10

From the permissions you denied the MCH Trackers, there’s Read Enrollment, In my opinion they should have that permission such that they are able to view the timeline. Let me know if this works.

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(Sangay Tenzin) #11

As per the attachment, the Read Enrollment permission is already assigned. Still then we are not able to read/see from other user.

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(Herbert Kiwalya) #12

Does that mean, the screenshot above is for the unassigned permissions? If so, you need to assign the user Add/Update Enrollment. This is a permission assignment issue, you should review them.

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Above screenshot is the assigned permission. Is it working in your instance? My bad luck, here it is not working.

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(Herbert Kiwalya) #14

Try out these;
1 2

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(Sangay Tenzin) #15

Still unfortunate, may be bug. From admin role it is able to see but not from user role.

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Sir, any further suggestion or guidance? This functionality is must in our situation since health service being a free service.

(Markus Bekken) #17

Hey @Sangay_Tenzin, I have not been able to reproduce the behavior on the server, and based on what you have written I cannot see that there is any error in your setup. It seems like a system bug, but in order to be sure we would need either to reproduce the problem in play, or somehow get more information on your instance.

Can you perhaps try to reproduce the problem in the play server? Alternatively contact me on messenger to exchange more information.


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Hello @Markus, thank you for your advice. From Admin user there is no problem in accessing every track instances from anywhere. But facing the issue from user level.

To cross-check in play, require two user level credentials, basically to see each user have access right to see the track instances. These users can have a right to see the entered data but not to edit it, they can only fill in the scheduled events and create new events. For example, user A can search and see the details, then fill in the scheduled event, create an event of other users but not to edit the entered data by users B.

Sorry for my bad English not able to convince as expected.

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(Markus Bekken) #19

Thank you @Sangay_Tenzin - your english is very good!

For 2.29:
If User A has created and filled in 2 events X and Y in his own org unit A, and then schedules an event Z into org unit B - then any user with access to be should see the following:

  • Events X and Y will not be editable, as they are belonging to org unit A.
  • Event Z will be editable for the user, as it belongs to org unit B.

I got a little confused by the comment:

Did you mean that this is what you expect, or that this is what you actually see? I tried the scenario in play, and what I got was the expected behavior listed above.


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(Sangay Tenzin) #20

Thank you for your compliment.

Ofcourse, it is kind of my expectation. For clarity, am attaching pic.

I am accessing the case of Health facility of Yabrang using jdw user account (user of JDW Health facility), can search and see the details.

Can see details but not able to fill in the scheduled event

Hope this may help you

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(Sangay Tenzin) #21

@Markus, any updates. Even i tried in demo by creating two normal users. Then tried to access each case from the different facility but still getting the same result.

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