Critical features of the DHIS2 Usage Statistics app useful for monitoring user engagement with data

Doreen Wamiti, working at Population Services International (PSI) as a DHIS2 Specialist and based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Over the years organizations have invested heavily in trying to create opportunities, ability, and motivation for their teams to use data in their day-to-day work, but it is exceedingly difficult to measure the extent to which they are being successful with this effort.
The usage statistics app has been developed to provide an interface to audit user accounts via an audit dashboard and listing within the DHIS2 platform. Currently, the app has two audit parameters that facilitate better user management: login status and interpretations/comments by users.
The app can be strengthened further by adding more metrics that can be audited by dashboard/analytical object views by user/user group, days since last dashboard/analytical object view by user/user group, save reports as favorites, etc.

I would like to call upon the community to rally around and establish further enhancements that are required to make this application more useful in tracking data engagement, and to drive the use of the app.

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