Creation of private data elements

Dear community,
@Gassim I have a couple of questions,
1. is there any way of creating a data element and does not become public automatically.(When I create a data element it becomes public automatically and it requires me to change sharing settings after creation I am asking if there is a way this can be done automatically)
2. do we have a way that we can bulk update sharing setting on data elements.
I am asking this because I want to combine different programs on one instance and I want each program owner to only see his/her own program data elements.

Thank you for your usual support

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Hi @Pacifique_Hategekima,
Thank you for your questions!

If the user role doesn’t have the authority to ‘Add/Update Public’ metadata then the creation of metadata using a user account with that role will not be automatically public, so my suggestion is to remove the authority from the user role. For more info on creating/editing a user role, please see docs: Users, Roles and Groups - DHIS2 Documentation

I think the easiest and fastest way to achieve this would be using the API. This is the API Sharing chapter in the docs: Sharing - DHIS2 Documentation

You’re welcome, please let me know if you have any more questions! :+1:

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