Creating sub-sections in data entry form(program stage)


I’m trying to implement a form with sections and sub-sections in the create data entry form(section form tab) from program stage, but I’m only seeing sections, how do I create sub-sections?


Thank you for your post @Orly_MUGWANEZA! Would you please explain your use case to the community and core team. I am not sure that it’s possible to create subsections but we have two options: one is to create a feature request which if it receives votes and is perceived by the core team as important for the community they will work on it for the next release, and the other option is making use of the current features.

Depending on your use case, it might still help to create program rules that control (show/hide) sections; for instance, you can make Section A2 appear if certain values are answered in Section A1 which somehow makes Section A2 a subsection of Section A1.

Thank you!