Creating Aggregate Indicators

I have a question pertaining to:

  1. Creating aggregate indicators which are a sum or product of other indicators? and
  2. How can I create an indicator that falls under the ‘totals’ in the aggregate forms?

I followed the thread on the following link Is it possible to create an indicator from existing indicators? - Support - Assistance technique - DHIS2 Community but it’s not fitting in with what I’m looking at. Your feedback and support is highly appreciated, many thanks.

Hello @akaleso

  1. Unfortunately, right now it is not possible to create a sum of other aggregate indicators with in DHIS2 but you can create a sum of data elements. May be you can provide more details on your use case and we see how to guide you.
  2. When a data element is created and assigned to a CatCombo, it will automatically have Totals in the aggregate form as seen when we Customise (Design Data Entry Form) the dataset, this is also seen in the analytic tools where you can analyse based on Totals or Details. See image below

The Totals:3 in the image represents the automatic summation based on CatCombos while the Indicators:3 represents the indicators that have been manually created and assigned to the dataset.

Let us know if this answered your questions.


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Hello @Emma_Kassy
This has cleared my confusion and makes sense now, thank you very much.

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