Creating a Patient


We are currently re-developing an EMR that we would like to integrate with DHIS2.
I have little familiarity with DHIS2 but we are looking for ways of creating & updating patient records within DHIS2.

Is this possible? It doesn’t seem obvious to me. Could someone point me in the right direction?



Dear @josh.welford

Are you looking for integration of your EMR with DHIS2 tracker or you want to build the DHIS2 tracker as an EMR?


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Hi @josh.welford,

You can follow the below portal to integrate your EMR or any external web applications with DHIS2:


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That could be a really good thing to do.
Practically I think it is something that could be done. A few weeks ago, we successfully created a NIS (Nutrition Information System) and synchronized it with DHIS2 making sure it has its very own server. So far, the results are really good. It helps us track statistics of children and that they all get immunized accordingly. So with that said, I think it is possible to create an EMR and merge it with DHIS2.

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Could explain to me how the NIS was created

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