Creating a local instance of DHIS2 using Kubernetes

I am currently serving as a System Administrator and I’m interested in delving into the possibility of deploying DHIS2 using Kubernetes. While I’ve been attempting to follow the outlined procedures, it has become apparent that I might be overlooking crucial details. As a result, I kindly request your assistance in guiding me through the complete process.

I greatly appreciate your forthcoming support and guidance on this matter.

Best regards,

cc: @Andreas

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Dear @Gerald_Thomas,

Thank you so much for your patience. I apologize for the delay.

Adding a link here so others understand which procedures you are talking about: DHIS2 Kubernetes Quick Start · GitHub

@Gerald_Thomas please mention any specific questions that you might have and step by step I believe @Andreas has offered to respond and support. If you ask specific questions, it’s easier to respond. Responses that come through the community are great because they are eventually a helpful reference and knowledge base for the whole community. Please feel free to ask any specific question. If necessary, I might need to move your post to a new thread for the topic post to remain organized.

Thank you so much for your understanding. :pray: