Creating a digital learning logbook for nurses and doctors with DHIS2?

Hi DHIS2 community!

I’m working in Zambia helping to support medical education.
We’re looking to develop a eLogbook that medical and nursing students can use to record their clinical cases whilst on the ward, with functionality so that their supervisors can see all of their students recorded cases, and provide appropriate digital feedback.

Could anyone let me know if DHIS2 might be flexibile enough to support this kind of functionality?

Dr Andreadis


Yes! :slight_smile:

Dear @AndreadisP

Thanks for sharing such an interesting use,
I guess you can simply create an event with different data elements that collect the necessary Log information you want the clinicians to share, then nurses can complete them while clerking the patients. These could be free text and mix to allow then write the notes.

Some use case use scanned clinical notes that can be reviewed once uploaded and comment feedback share.

Hope this helps