Create a Dataset

Hi everyone! I’m in Tanzania right now and I’m following a project about education.

I’m just getting started using DHIS2 and I’ve got a question.

My Idea is to create a data set where I collect data as shown below (it’s just an example), is it possible to implement a way to collect this information for every person I need the data from? Because in this case I can collect data for only one person.

Thank you very much.


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Hi Giovanni,

Thanks for your question. Creating a dataset will not allow you capture information on individuals. This is ideally meant for collecting aggregate data. However, If you would like to collect information on individuals, you will need to create an event or tracker program and assign it to specific organisation units from which you would like to collect data. Event program allows you to collect one time information about the individuals whereas the tracker program allows you to collect information about the individuals and follow them up progressively.


Thank you very much! I will study and implement it!

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