COVID19 RDT Data Capture Program Metadata Package


The ACT-Accelerator (ACT-A), announced by the WHO Director General and world leaders on 24 April 2020, is a ground-breaking global collaboration to accelerate development, production, and equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines.

The Diagnostics Pillar of ACT-A is jointly co-convened by FIND and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It brings together partners around a shared agenda to ensure the right diagnostic test is available for all who need it by spurring innovation in new diagnostic tests and digital solutions, creating effective and efficient markets, ensuring supply, and expanding capacity to deliver tests to communities. As part of its role as co-convener, FIND is working towards supporting countries in implementing an effective test-trace-isolate response using digital tools.

Towards this effort, FIND and HISP India have collaborated to develop a DHIS2-based package for capturing data for COVID19 rapid diagnostic testing which aims at rapid deployment of data capture and analysis mechanism for COVID19 rapid diagnostic tests either as standalone system, or integrated within the larger COVID19 surveillance systems operational in low and middle-income countries.

COVID-19 RDT Capture Program Details

COVID19 RDT Capture enrolls cases that need testing for COVID19 via RDT test kits to get a confirmatory test done. The COVID19 RDT Capture tracker can be adapted and used by countries to supplement existing COVID19 disease surveillance programs. The COVID19 RDT Capture program is designed to:

  1. Enroll suspected COVID19 cases/ close contacts of COVID19 case / symptomatic cases generally appearing at a Health Facilities but may be enrolled at other places in the Community and enabling contact tracing.
  2. Capture key information about the suspected case including demographics, test reason, symptoms (if applicable).
  3. Capture details of the RDT test administrator.
  4. Capture details of the RDT test and its result.
  5. Generate dashboards and analytics tools for monitoring COVID19 testing trends and planning response efforts.

Design Document : The details of the COVID19 RDT Capture program are available here.

Metadata Package : The COVID19 RDT Capture DHIS2 metadata package is available here for download and import.

Please reach out to Nick Banks ( and Saurabh Leekha ( for more details and implementation support.


Thank you for sharing the brief summary, Github resource, and design documents. Exploring the potential use and adoption is advantageous for the optimization of the DHIS2 tracker capture for RDT. That can be considered as a potential resource for improving the performance and efficiency of overall DHIS2.