COVID-19 vaccination delivery program metadata import error

I was trying to import the EIR tracker metadata (WHO Package Downloads | DHIS2) but getting errors. I’m attaching the import summary. Note, I’m using 2.34 demo instance in in my local.
Please help.


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Hi Monjur,
It looks like the problem might be conflicts with existing metadata on your instance (e.g. the TEI Type person already exists). To start, I would recommend reviewing this tracker package installation guide. This one was developed for COVID-19 case based surveillance program (we are working on publishing one specific to the COVID vaccine registry) but it probably has the guidance you need for those conflicts: COVID-19 Tracker Installation - DHIS2 Documentation

I also wanted to let you know there is now a 2.34 compatible package version you can install, it can be found here: metadata-package-development/metadata/COVAX at work-in-progress · dhis2/metadata-package-development · GitHub

If this does not work for you, I am tagging one of our implementers @YuryR who can provide additional support.


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Hi @Rebecca and @YuryR ,
Thank you so much for guiding me. I wanted to test the Covid vaccine delivery tracker app for one of our upcoming project. Thats why…
Anyway, I’ve gone through the document and changed all the UIDs accordingly and tried to import, found all metadata imported successfully.
Thanks again.

Hi @RahmanMonjur !

I was just about to respond, but you updated the message as I started typing )).

So, I it works now, correct?

Thanks @YuryR . It worked great.