Cours en ligne "DHIS2 Fundamentals" en français?

Bonjour à tous / Hi all,

Le cours en ligne “DHIS2 Fundamentals” a-t-il été déjà traduit en français? Je vois qu’un fichier de traduction a été finalisé (voir, mais je ne peux trouver qu’une version anglaise de ce cours en ligne. Merci d’avance pour toute mise à jour que vous pouvez fournir.

Has the online course “DHIS2 Fundamentals” been translated into French yet? I can see that a translation file has been finalised (see, but I can only find the English version of this course online. Thanks in advance for any updates you can provide.

Cordialement / Regards,


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Hi Sam,

thanks for your question. The online course is being translated into French. I1’ll soon come back to you & community with a launch date.

Do you have have specific needs?


Hi Matthieu,

The MoH in the Central African Republic is preparing to roll out DHIS2 this year, and they are currently onboarding new HMIS staff - so we’re keen to find out what introductory training resources are out there that they might be able to use. Even if the official launch date is a little way off, would it perhaps be possible for them to access a pilot/trial version of the French online course?

Many thanks, Sam.

Hi Mathieu,

Just a quick follow-up - how is this translation progressing? Do you have any idea yet when the course might become available in French?

Many thanks,