Could anyone tell me. How can we do translation for Immunization analysis app?

Hello Everyone, Hello DHIS2 users. can anyone explain. How can we do translation for Immunization analysis app.

Hi @khamm_say1234,

Thank you for your message, and your patience! I have asked the developers and it needs to be added to the DHIS2 transifex account to be translated, so once the developers add it to Transifex then it’ll be possible to translate it.

Thank you!

I also created a request in the app’s github repository: Translation of this app, adding it to Transifex · Issue #40 · dhis2/who-immunization-analysis-app · GitHub @khamm_say1234 you can add your comment to the issue ! (:

Thanks again!

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Hi @khamm_say1234 - thanks for joining the DHIS2 community :slight_smile:

Following @Gassim’s reply, I was wondering:

  • in which language do you want/need to translate the app?
  • Could you share the how important and urgent it is for you/your organization to have translation in place?

Your feedback will guide us to help you.

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thank you @Gassim @Matthieu
For lao language that we need to translate in app. It’s very important to have translation to lao

thank you again