Coronavirus Outbreak Tracking with DHIS2

DHIS2 is currently being used to track potential coronavirus cases to help prevent the outbreak from spreading! So far, we are aware of coronavirus Tracker and Event programs being used by Ministries of Health in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

You can read some news coverage about the great work that @Pamod and the HISP Sri Lanka team are doing to monitor visitors from high-risk countries here:

And @Johan_Ivar_Saebo at the University of Oslo has written an editorial about the importance of strong health information systems to react to disease outbreaks, and how international collaboration and research programs related to DHIS2–and local innovation–have helped make programs like this a success:

Is your team using DHIS2 for a coronavirus-related program? Reply to let us know!



My team will indeed like to use this platform for convid specimen, however we are wondering what is the difference between this specific module and the broader IDSR module. ?


Hi @Yashiindi – thanks for your message. I see from your earlier post on the community that you are based in Namibia, is that correct?

We have added a lot of information about our COVID-19 platform on our website at and in the new COVID-19 channel here on the community of practice:

These COVID-19 modules are built on standard DHIS2 functionality, but have been customized around standardized metadata for COVID-19 surveillance based on WHO guidance, and feature packages/programs that are pre-configured to address common components of routine and active disease surveillance. You can access a demo version here:

Please take a look at the material on the webpage and in the COVID-19 channel and let me know if this provides enough information, or if you have additional questions for us. If your team decides to move forward with installing these packages, we are happy to offer our support.