Copying text in android app

Is there anyway to allow for text to be copied in the Android Mobile app?

It seems that all text is disabled for selecting – can this be configureable? We have a workflow that is 100% dependent on copying some generated fields to put into another program stage due to some lacking functionalities in relationships.

I’ve tried using a program rule to put an event uid in a text field, a note, the feedback widget … seemingly everything, but to no avail.

Am I correct to assume this is for “security” like the screenshots thing? It would be great to be able to select text for copy/paste. :pray:

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Hi @chase.freeman

Indeed, the fields that are autoassigned via program rules are not “copiable” via the menu. This is not configurable as it has nothing to do with security AFAIK. I think it comes from disabled fields in Android but probably @Pablo can explain in further detail or correct me if I am wrong.

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Hi again @chase.freeman . I checked with Pablo and indeed this should not be the expected behavior as it should be available. I have created the following ticket: [ANDROAPP-5014] - Jira


Thanks @jaime.bosque! That is good to hear.