Copying Registration Date to a data element


I am trying to copy the registration date to a data element to be able to include it in the event report. But when creating the program rule variable there’s no option that I can choose the registration date.
Is there any other way?
Hawraa Sdn

Hello @Sdn I think what you are looking is V{enrollment_date}

Yes, Is there any way that I can copy the enrollment date to a data element.
Thanks for your answer

@Sdn haven’t tried exact requirement but this should work like below with a program rule and action “Assign Value”

I tried this
but it isn’t copying it immediately
I have to leave the stage and get back to it in order for the data element to be copied.
The program rule: v{enrollment_date} != null
But still it’s not being copied automatically, and in the event report it is blank as if not copied.
I will add screenshots to make it clear.