Coordinates under option set


Anyone ever used the Value Type coordinates under option set? How did you store the coordinates?

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Hi @Don_Vieira

Welcome back to the community!

Thank you for bringing this up. There is a field called “option factor” which I can see in version 2,37.10, I can see this field; however, in the latest version of DHIS2 (dev) I can’t find this field.

What version of DHIS2 are you using? Are you able to see this field? If not, would you like to create a Jira bug issue on (Projects - Jira) about this using your account?

Thank you!

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Hi @Gassim indeed it has been a minute . Thanks for the prompt response. Using 2.39.

Trying to avoid data clerks entering geocoordinates manually/searching for geocoordinates from the map during data entry. Instead I’d like to have a PR when they select a particular outreach site, the corresponding geocoordinates is auto-populated. I need to store the geocoordinates under option set in this regard.

@Don_Vieira I understand, thanks!

I have created a Jira bug issue here: [DHIS2-15859] - Jira

You can add a vote/comment or watch the issue to receive updates. I have added the CoP label and a link to this discussion.

Thank you!

@Gassim it looks like this can be fixed by adding the attribute that exists in 2.37 to 40; the optionFactor appears as a simple number attribute attached to an option.DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone

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Hi @Matthew_Boddie

Sorry, you can fix this from the UI or using the API? Thanks!

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Full transparency here: I don’t really understand the attribute assignment to options or the purpose of optionFactor and assigning it to an option. That said, when I looked this up last week, I saw that in 2.37 the “option factor” existed as an attribute and was assigned to option metadata, which explained why you were seeing it there. In 40, the option factor attribute didn’t exist. Interestingly, today I can’t see option factor in either 2.37 or 40, but my point is it was simply an attribute that you could create (front end or API).

I’m fearing that I’m misunderstanding, so let me know if I’m off base!

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Just wanted to chime in to say that optionFactor is a custom attribute that we use and were using the play server to do some tests. So that’s not part of the core software.

Regarding the original use case, I’m not sure if option set is really the best example. Is there a reason the data clerks need to enter the geocoordinates? It sounds like the geocoordinates are already available in the system (i.e. “auto-populated”). You can turn off capturing geocoordinates within the program settings. @Don_Vieira Perhaps you can explain the situation more?


Thanks @Matthew_Boddie and @lnunez!

Okay, I didn’t realize the “optionFactor” is a custom attribute until @lnunez mentioned it above, so maybe I wasn’t correct when I created the bug issue, but I’m not sure how to add the geocoordinates as options from the front end @Matthew_Boddie, you said it’s possible? I would love to know how please which I think would also answer @Don_Vieira question.

I agree with you so I think @Don_Vieira it would be very helpful to know why the data clerk will need to scroll a list of geocoordinates rather than the other available options?

Thanks everyone!