Coordinates import failure - 2.31.9 to 2.35

We have exported the org units from export tool of 2.31.9 and then were importing in 2.35. The other properties were OK, except the coordinates. Specially we need the district polygons.

How to do it manually in the org unit entry form? Because the form shows Latitude and Longitude, we have a polygon coordinates!

@Mahmud It is not possible to export from an older version and import to a newer version. Some cases you may get lucky. But more often the format will be unsupported.
If you can upgrade your 2.31.9 db to a 2.35 db by deploying a 2.35 war onto it. and then export that org units, it would work seamlessly.

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Thanks for the information. It is not possible to ask Ministry of health to upgrade. Because upgrading involves even more resources. Anyway, we have to find some other way.

@Mahmud , Please let us know what is it you are trying to achieve? We may be able to provide some suggestions