Continuous Analytics on 2.35.1

Howdy Community.

We have upgraded to 2.35.1 on our production server. It seems that despite a very robust and powerful server which probably @chase.freeman could describe better than myself, we’re unable to run Continuous Analytics without CPU usage spikes with even 5-6 users on at the same time. The analytics table logs from api/system/tasks/continuous_analytic_tables/ don’t give us any errors. I’d very much like to identify where the cause of our error is, and what might be responsible for the high CPU cost with continuous analytics so that we can deal with it.

Any suggestions or avenues for us to dig into our server would be very useful–apologies for the vague post here–I will do my best to augment with specific details as I am able.


We now have two servers running 2.35.1 and using the capture app, and it looks as though analytics (normal or continuous analytics) and more than 13 users actively entering data results in CPU spikes on servers that were consistently holding 100+ users simultaneously while on 2.31.10. We’re lacking a lot of solid information for which to go on at this point. Is there a potentiality of having someone at UiO help set up some diagnostic’s on what might be going on?