Continuous analytics Not showing Newly Created Tracked Entity Instance for Program Indicators

Hi Community,
We new to this community, Currently we are using DHIS2.39.1 version. Trying to use the continuous analytics. But when we creating new tracked entity instances from the capture app the counts are not reflecting(using program indicators) until and unless we run the full analytics from the data administration app. Please suggest what can be done.

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Hi @love_java

Welcome to the community! It’s important to run the analytics tables export after most of the metadata configuration changes or additions. After making changes to the metadata such as new indicators or TEIs, it’s important to run the analytics. To avoid facing this dilemma of having to run analytics tables each time, it’s better to design a program completely at first; however, if no changes are made to the metadata (indicators, data elements…etc) then it should work fine (unless there’s a cache issue.)

Sometimes it could be a cache issue and in that case you’d need to clear the cache using the Browser Cache Cleaner app (and sometimes Ctrl+Shift+R in your browser) as well as the Data Administration app → Maintenance app → Clear application Cache, reload apps. Running the Analytics Tables Export also helps keep everything up to date.