Connection GeneXpert machines with DHIS2

Does any country have the experience of connection geneXpert devices with DHIS2?
I am looking for the same solution.


Thank you for your question @LutfullahShifaa! This indeed is a topic of interest. :+1:

It would be helpful if you’d share more about the use case and what are the needs from this integration?


Dear @Gassim
GeneXpert machines are used for multi tests and mostly its used for TB tests. We are using these devices to detect drug resistant TB cases.
The devices are generating reports through GXalert but remains separate from main data source of TB in DHIS2 in the country. Its important to have all TB data in one place (DHIS2) for a holistic view.
We can not afford GXalert financially and technically and maybe its the same case for other countries. So i am looking to find a way to connect the devices with DHIS2 for data collection from devices to DHIS2.
I hope its clear enough now.

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