Connect to the server with my android device

I am in fundamental training and
at this stage:
Data Entry - Android - Set up, Connect and Enter Data Using an Android Device (6 min)

I can’t connect to the server with my android device
by the way the first time yes I was able to access the Friday pass
but I couldn’t finish the exercise given my battery which let me go
Today Monday 11/10 I’m coming back and it doesn’t work anymore and I’ve been here for hours I really want to finish this fundamental level to go quickly to level 1 and 2
so please i really need help quick quick quick

thank you


Are you trying to follow this course? DHIS2 Fundamentals | DHIS2 Academy It is not clear to me from the message.

If yes, maybe @Shurajit_Dutta can help you with the access

indeed I am taking this training … but since this morning 9:00 am I have been blocked it is now 2:08 pm at home and still nothing, I can not connect to the server … and I have since been waiting for a reliable answer
I wanted to finish quickly to receive my certificate which will allow me to follow the ongoing training in data quality … but unfortunately …
ok I’m waiting for your help

I am very sorry to hear this, I will try to see if I can find someone that could help you with your issue.

In any case, have you tried email as explained in the FAQ?

I am not fully aware of the content on the course but are you meant to use the Android App? If yes, did you download it from the Google Play? The screenshot you seem doesn’t look like you are using the latest app. It should look like this:

Also, have you tried accessing with the credentials directly from a browser to discard that the username and password are not correc?


Could you tell us which url and account you are actually using?

Thanks in advance.


my problem is resolved

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Glad to read it @KOUTOUAN .

À bientôt