Connect Lab Machine with DHIS2?

Hello Everyone I search on any DHIS2 case to integrate lab machine with DHIS2. or how we can make this integration?

Greetings Saleh! Does the lab machine support HTTP? If so, you can easily integrate with DHIS2 via its RESTful Web API. Otherwise, rather than directly integrating with DHIS2 from the lab machine, you can transmit the data to DHIS2 via an HTTP bridge which could be the lab system.

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Hello Saleb,

If your lab machine have a way to communicate, openFN is great to translate APIs, you can try on their server and if you need more transaction than the free account provides, you can either subscribed or use their microservice or setup openHIM with openfn mediator (free but require setup time)

if it is not the case you can build a piece of software that will send the data to DHIS2, for the openIMIS project I created a Python/django based app that do that (business object models are created in other modules but they are easy to create)