Configuring ProgramStage / Program Notifications Webhook

Hello All

I have a use case where I need to relay program stage notifications to a webhook to facilitate the sending of the notifications to users via Telegram. When configuring the program notification, in the “Who to send it to” field, I select “Web Hook” but I do not see where to specify the webhook url which should get hit when the notification is triggered. How do I properly configure this webhook?

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Hi @farai_mutero_mzansi

It is currently a bit confusing, but when you select “Web Hook” in the “Who to send it to” section, then you should see a Web Hook URL field back in the “What to send” section. This is not intuitive and something we hope to improve. cc @birkbjo @joecooper @zubair


I agree @austin! Created a Jira issue: [DHIS2-15605] - Jira