Configuring predictors - Disease surveillance

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Am trying to configure predictors in DHIS2 version 2.29, I have successfully created the data elements and used them while configuring the predictors.

A disease like ebola has a threshold of 1(one) positive case, so I put 1 (one) under my generator for the Ebola predictor. I didnt use any formular for this.

The challenge is that when I go to pivot tables and generate a report with the Ebola thresholds, no data shows up. I expected to see 1(one). Could there be something I missed during predictor configuration?




Hi @bridget sorry for taking such a long time to reply. I really appreciate your courage to give predictors a shot, but based upon what you said, I actually don’t think that you need to use predictor to make this threshold. You could simply make a data element add it to a data set ‘threshold’ data set and import a 1 value for it for any weeks you want.

The predictor could be used to count the number of incidents the threshold is violated. To do this you’ll need to make the threshold a constant and make a predictor with the following generator “IF(threshold>=cases,1,0)” Here is an example: image
This will count the number of times the threshold is violated. You need to make your output data element to count. . You also need to schedule this predictor to run in the scheduler application. Below is an example of this.

I suggest you make your relative start at least 7 previous days (This would be represented as -7) and your relative end 1 day in the future. For the frequency of the predictor job you’ll need to make sure it is schedule to run at least a couple of hours before your analytics tables run. That way you will be able to see the predictor data elements in your analytics. You could also put this in validation rules to produce outbreak alerts.

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Hi @bridget, I hope you are well.

A follow up on this - Was @Scott’s recommendation helpful in resolving your need?


Hi James,
Yes it was.


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I am new DHIS 2 user and facing issues in creating predictors along its usage

If i have data element “Normal Deliveries”, please guide me steps to create predictor and how it use in data analytics

I am grateful if you share your skype or whatsapp to share screen with you while creating it

Waiting for your kind response

Javed Akram