Configure the Maps Application in DHIS2 version

Hi Community

The map application is not working and i wants to Configure the Maps app would you please explain by a pic how to action the map app

I try this step in below link but its not working

DHIS2 Version is

I appriacte your help to solve this isseu

best regards

cc: @Gassim

Hi @sami.abdulsattar

Thank you for the post. It’s not clear what exactly you are trying to configure. Could you share a screenshot with what’s not working?

It would help if you explain the use case please. Thanks!

Hi @Gassim

Here i open the Map application as below pic

but the application is not working as below pic

Would you please adive to do the configration on system step by step by pic explain

best regards


Thanks for the screenshot!

Could you try to use the Guest mode in your browser to ensure it’s not a cache issue? (Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help)

It seems that you are using an older version of DHIS2, would you please upgrade your instance to at least 2.37 version or above?


i try this step still not working

Then please try to upgrade your instance to one of the latest and stable versions. Thanks!