Compulsory Data Elements on Tracker Capture not working


(Aatish Neupane) #1


I have set some compulsory fields on DHIS 2.30 instance which was upgraded from 2.26, and compulsory validations for data elements are not being run.

What I have:

  • 2.30 instance (revision b9ed76b)
  • The user I am testing with doesn’t have “ALL” or “skip validation” authority
  • The program stage has “Complete allowed only if validation passes”

Even with these, the tracker capture allowes me to complete the event without filling in compulsory data elements. If it is relevant, the program stage uses custom form.

I found an issue related to this but unsure whether it has been fixed in 2.30 or not.

Thank you.

(Lukas Wijgaart van Dijk) #2

Hi @Aatish_Neupane, with “skip validation” do you mean the authority called: “Ignore validation of required fields in Tracker and Event Capture”?

(Aatish Neupane) #3

Yes @lukasewvd

(Aatish Neupane) #4

@lukasewvd Any pointers?