Completeness and timeliness

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This will definitely come up in SA’s future rollouts too! Over the past few years the DOH in SA has placed major emphasis on data quality improvement. What we did to monitor this was generate a Data Quality data mart (along with standardized DQ elements and DQ indicators). DQ metrics were generated at a data set and/or data element level (users preselected data sets and individual data elements for DQ monitoring). The resulting metrics were made available in spread marts and auto reports. Perhaps a specialised set of analytics tables could suffice.




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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 23:08

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Hi,I also got the same request to have completeness by expected and actual on the dashboard. This would be easy if the options are available in PT/DDV/GIS.Busoye> On 19 Nov 2014, at 14:02, Olav Poppe  wrote:> > Hi, > I have a few suggestions on analysis of completeness/timeliness. I think some of it has perhaps been discussed before:> > - it would be good to have timeliness as well as completeness available in analytics> - would also be good if it was possible to get the number of expected/actual reports (including on time). Even if it was not available in PT/DV/GIS but just through the API. (Please correct me if it is possible - I assume actual is not too difficult to get from completedatasetregistrarion, but I've not seen a straightforward way of getting expected).> - and I got a new request today, for having the possibility of doing sort of a "total completeness", so ALL actual reports over ALL expected for an orgunit. Useful for example to get an overview/comparison of completeness in all districts in a country (what they did now was to run reporting rate summary for every district manually, which is quite a lot of work...). Even better if you could combine arbitrary sets perhaps. Say you have two monthly malaria datasets and would like actual/expected for the two together for example.> > > Olav> > > > _______________________________________________> Mailing list: [](> Post to :> Unsubscribe : [](> More help : []( list: []( to : dhis2-devs@lists.launchpad.netUnsubscribe : []( help : [](