Completeness : Actual Reports > Expected Reports


I have the following situation : Actual Reports > Expected Reports . I don’t really know what happens.


We are using dhis 2 version 2.34.8.

I’m the same result in Report module.


Hi Lamarana,

Does your Dataset by any chance use a Category Combination to enable the capture of multiple versions of the form (eg often used to disaggregate data capture by donor or funding program)? Earlier versions of DHIS2 didn’t take this into account when calculating completeness rates, so if this bug hasn’t been fixed, then you may find that the completeness calculation will register multiple forms captured in the numerator (eg two different donors’ forms), but will still only count the overall Dataset once in the denominator (expected reports).

Cheers, Sam.

Hello @SamuelJohnson ,

If you are talking about the following setting screen, no all data elements are to “No override”

Hi Lamarana,

No, apologies, I mean setting a CategoryCombination for the overall Dataset itself, rather than for the individual data elements. To see an example, in Play Demo go to Maintenance | Data set and then edit the “ART monthly summary” Dataset - you’ll see that the ‘Category Combination’ is set to “Implementing Partners and Projects”, which means you can capture a different copy of the form for each implementing partner/project.

Does your Dataset have a similar Category Combination configured, or does it just show “None”?

Cheers, Sam.

oh ok, no the category combination of the dataset is set to none

Hi @SamuelJohnson,

We are using DHIS 2 version 2.36.12

We have an attribute Combination attached to a data set (it is assigned to different org units) to enable the capture of a different copy of the form for each CHW.
We have the following situation we find difficult to manage regarding reporting rates:

We enter data per CHW (CHWa, CHWb, CHWc, CHWd and CHWe); three of these CHWs quit the project, and we hire new three CHWs and create and attach them to the attribute combo. We will now have 8 CHWs in the drop-down list instead of 5 CHWs.

How can we handle these situations where some CHWs go, and others come? How are the reporting rates calculated in this case?

Looking forward to clarification