'Complete' action/data linked to DataSets not synced

Hi everyone,
We noticed when syncing, the ‘Complete’ action/data linked to DataSets is not synced.
This is a problem as some of our users rely on the ‘Reporting rate summary’.
We recently upgraded to v2.33.5 from v2.30 & from historical research, this has been an issue for both versions.
Has anyone else noticed this & can advise on a fix?
Let me know if a JIRA bug needs to be raised as well.
Ta muchly

@dmnscar thank you for your patience! Have you been able to solve this issue? Would you mind taking a screenshot? Was this on android or desktop? What version are you using now? Thank you for sharing with the community!

G’day Gassim,
Thanks for checking. We have realised this is a local issue to how we have deployed DHIS2 (some instances sync the Reporting Rate data ok, some not) not a native one so needs no further work with it.
Until the next time :slight_smile:

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G’day to you too @dmnscar, thank you for passing by! I’d encourage you to share your experience with the CoP if you would like. It will be interesting to know how this issue was caused and how you’re solving it so that other implementers won’t have to face the same issue! Thank s Damien and have a good week!