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Dear Community,

We are planning the first DHIS2 Academy on Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), tentatively to be arranged in early May 2020. This is a rather new domain for many DHIS2 implementations, and also a potentially very large one. The academy can cover a range of issues, such as how and what for DHIS2 can be used relating to logistics management, ways of triangulating logistics data and service data, advanced use of predictors to make logistics indicators, etc. We would like to invite you all to share your thoughts on what the academy should cover. Please post here if you have any comments regarding particular topics, cases or challenges, learning objectives, or anything else that would be relevant for such an academy.

The academy registration will open early 2020

LMIS Academy team


This is a great idea to ask for input from the community, and a great chance for DHIS2 users to help create a training program that is most applicable to their work.

We would love to hear from anyone who is working with logistics management already, or who is interested in learning more. Maybe @prosper or @Edem_Kossi have suggestions?

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Great idea! I hope a kind of project will be solved one of the complicated problems of Medicine management existing at the Health facility level right now.

From my experience one of the major problems at the health facility level is

Inconsistency b/n drug store report and dispensing unit which means usually reports form medicine store is missed actual consumption report on the other hand reports from dispensaries also missed stoke on hand. This kind of problem should be resolved by designing an integrated system implementing at the dispensary and store level.

Whatever the case, Supply Chain Management expertise are advised there should be a categorization b/n those Medicine management and Dispensing unit

  • Medicines Management
    • Medicines inventory
    • Product consumption
  • Dispensing
    • Dispensing history for managed medicines and supplies

Therefore, the academy training should include how to tackle those complicated problems using DHIS2. I believe understanding the problem at the facility level will help to design the training concept.

Alefe M.


Hi @Johan_Ivar_Saebo,

It’s a very good idea. I worked few years on eLMIS for Bangladesh on top of DHIS2 and external decision making dashboard. I hope this academy will be helpful to address very complex areas like medicine batch and expiry tracking, multiple batches for a single medicine, opening and closing balance, expiry alert and damage control as well as to map service and logistics data in a single platform.

Currently, I’m developing an application D2LMIS to address the existing challenges with more new features. The core modules of D2LMIS are:

  1. HRM and access management with DHIS2
  2. Purchase and return
  3. Sales (Requisition and Point of Sale-PoS)
    4.Supply tracking
  4. Accounting
  5. Stock management
  6. Expiry tracking
  7. Product management including unit, supplier, manufacturer, origin, group, category, model and dosage form
  8. Multiple warehouse and shop management, barcode generate, SMS alert
  9. Banking
  10. Decision making reports
  11. Ingratiation with DHIS2

I’m very interested to share my ideas and future plan to make a complete LMIS in this academy.



Thanks Alefe, your input is much appreciated!

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Thanks Julhas, your project sounds really interesting


Hi @Johan_Ivar_Saebo, this sounds like a very interesting topic. We have been working recently in this topic in order to:

  1. Provide disease program managers with real time logistic data for better decision making, especially improving/avoiding stock outs.
  2. Improve coordination better supply chain and disease departments through integrated analytics that both programs can use in DHIS2, solving some of the limitations in analytics that some eLMIS have.

If I were to think about content for an academy, based on the experience and challenges we have faced, could be interesting to see something like that:

  • Use cases on how DHIS2 data model can be used/applied to supply chain management. Aggregate vs. Events, navigate through different situations and design considerations on when would be worth to use any of those for specific cases. Would be interesting if somebody has a tracker use case…
  • Some practical exercises on configuration itself, especially metadata configuration best practices for integrating national warehouses into the OU tree, DEs, indicators, etc. (similar to what is covered in other academies)
  • If more technical audience, an exercise in navigating APIs to build integrations would be very useful.
  • Maintenance of integrations: what are best practices to ensure governments can maintain integrations. Not only considering human resources and capacity, but how can we build features into integrations that ease the maintenance efforts (logs, simplify metadata syncing between system, etc.)
  • Integrated analytics, maybe some additional use cases or think through what kind of analytics are useful for logistics data and how it can be integrated into current national dashboards.
  • Integration of stock data reporting into routine disease reporting examples
  • Overview of eLMIS landscape and examples of integrations with DHIS2

Hope this is helpful to provide some ideas for the academy, we are definitely very interested in these topics.


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Thanks Pedro. It would be good to hear who you are referring to as “we”, and some more details on how you have approached your challenges with LMIS. We are also in the process of collecting experiences, potentially to be sessions in the academy (by those with direct involvement of course, if they come to the academy)


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