Commenting in cell turns border green = GREAT --- but NOT visible enough

(Hesel, Kate) #1

We were so excited to see that when one makes a comment in a data element box, the cell border turns green to alert users to a comment in the box.

However it is almost impossible to see the green border since it so closely resembles the black border on many people’s screens (with screen brightness/augmentation/etc). Please see screenshot for example. comment%20green%20box

Is there a way to make the border thicker? Or have a marker like Excel does (the small triangle in the upper right hand corner when there’s a comment?)

Thank you!

(Guerra-Arias, Maria) #2

Having a clearer way to see comments would be extremely useful. We are just finishing a training where the immediate question from new users is: but how can we tell if there is a comment for this data element? I find the way that Excel marks comments is very clear and unobtrusive, maybe something similar could work in DHIS2?

(Scott Russpatrick) #3

@varl can you have a look at this request/user story?