Combined program stages not Displaying data in Event Report App

We created tracker program where it has several stages to enter data.
it worked well.

But on the Event Report App we could not display data by combining the program stages.

Selected one Stage displayed data as shown below

Selected Multiple Stages not showing data

Please help

Welcome back to the community @Meky! :tada:

Please what version of dhis2 are you using? I can reproduce this on 2.38 but not 2.37 nor 2.36 so it might be a bug or a new feature. Let’s get input from one of the experts and see if you can create a Jira bug issue on for this with steps to reproduce.

update: I tried again in version 2.38.0 and it worked! Please try to clear the cache and try again. If it doesn’t work please back to the community with the steps to reproduce this on any of the instances!

And if you can’t reproduce this on play, please see if there are any errors in the Console as well as the Network tabs in the Browser Developer Tools (F12)

Thanks! :+1:

Thank you @Gassim

I have already clear the caches but still i can not see the data in Event Report i have tried to view the console and i found this one

Thank you! @Meky, please try this task again in a clean/different/new browser and in incognito/private mode. It could still be the browser causing this issue.

I tried to reproduce this on play but couldn’t. Please what version are you using, are you able to reproduce this issue in

Please try to get more info:

We need to get the Network request errors to see if there are details about the issue… and if the issue is generic, we might need to get the Catalina.out log

Thank you!

Thank you @Gassim for your reply i tried to run catalina.out and i found this error of scheduler app

@Gassim also i did what you to told me here the picture

Hi @Meky,
We need to continue digging to understand what the actual issue is and where it’s coming from.

Do you see any errors in the Catalina.out log when you run the analytics table export?

Thanks, sorry I should have also told you to click update again after you click Fetch/XHR [then if a red line appears, click on it and take a screenshot of the error please]


Hello @Gasssim
Thank you for your response. I tried to reproduce the state on the dhis2 demo app DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone I found it also produces the same error.

Let me clearly explain

When you first create a STAGE or STAGES within a PROGRAM it works well, you can enter data and view them in an EVENT REPORT but after that when you add other STAGE or STAGES on the same PROGRAM you can enter data for specific ADDED STAGES but you can not see data in an EVENT REPORT for that SPECIFIC ADDED STAGE or combination with other STAGES within the same PROGRAM

Here are the screen shot below
Created new stage in Child programme with the name Test-stage

After entering the data via tracker Capture App it does not show data in Event Report App , I cleared the cache then running the Scheduler for pushing data to event report

Also the display on developer mode after clicking the update button