Combine Data Elements Data / Create Sub-Data Elements

Hi everyone,

DHIS2 version: 2.36.6
We are collecting the data of COVID-19 through aggregate data from labs. Till now we are collecting just the total number of COVID-19 tests and the Number of Positive cases. Now higher authorities tasked us that collect COVID-19 positive cases data but COVID strains-wise so that they can analyze data strains-wise. Secondly, they also want if some labs are not able to share data strain-wise they can share data as we are collecting now. Now the problem we are facing is that if we collect data through the help of data elements and create data elements for each strain. Then how can we find the total number of COVID-19? Can we create a sub-data element under the main COVID-19 Data element so that we can analyze data separately as well as collectively?

Wouldn’t it be possible to use a Program Indicator for this?