Color setting in Data element - How it works?

Hello Experts,

How does the color setting of the data element works? For us it’s working only when we have icon selected, otherwise, color was not getting reflected in the form

Am I doing something wrong, or this is the expected behaviour

Hi @jthomas,
Would you please share a screenshot with me of what you’re seeing (is this in the web app or android)? Thanks a lot! (:

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Hi @jthomas

Yes, the color properties has relation only to the icon, not to the text.
I believe would be great if we could apply some text decoration to the DE, TEA or options.



Hi @Gassim

I tried both in web app and android

This configuration below is not changing the data element form name or background to yellow color

but below configuration (added icon also) will change background of the icon to yellow, but not the text


@Ulanbek thanks!

@jthomas thanks for the screenshot! I agree with you that the color settings seem to be for the icon only and this is why it doesn’t take affect when no icon is selected. However, feel free to create a feature request on and maybe @Ulanbek as well as other community members can add their votes!

I think your other option is to use the styles.css but for me I’ve not been able to make it work UI Customization (style.css) not taking effect?

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